We’ve PROUDLY been serving families in Abilene and the surrounding area for over 14 years. We use state of the art grooming techniques, products & equipment. Our groomers are professionally trained to provide breed-specific, quality haircuts, coat maintenance, & skin conditioning. Their services are in high demand so appointments must be scheduled well in advance. Spa and grooming services can be scheduled by calling for an appointment and are available Monday through Friday. We stand by our service and will always change or fix anything that does not meet your satisfaction!  

Regularly scheduled grooming not only helps your pet look and feel good, it’s also an essential part of maintaining optimal pet health. You can trust that we will monitor your dog’s health and report any issues to you.  We express Anal Glands and put cotton in EVERY dogs ears to prevent ear infections.  Our high quality shampoo’s & conditioner’s are safe to use as often as once a week without stripping essential oils from the skin while properly cleaning & conditioning the coat.

Regrettably, we do not groom cats at our facility and as a responsible cat owner, let me explain why:  Cats have very loose skin and can be nicked very easily.  I recommend that you have your cat groomed at a veterinarian’s office that has a groomer on staff, that way if there are any complications the vet is available immediately.

Professional Grooming Services

Spa Partial – A Massaging Bubble Bath with touch-up services including Face, Feet, Sanitary trim & Nails.

Deluxe Spa Groom – A full body haircut to suit your dog’s breed, personality, and lifestyle; includes Spa Partial.

Shed-Less Treatment – A special bathing, drying & brushing system that dramatically reduces shedding; although shedding is greatly reduced, this process does not stop the natural shedding process. Depending on the condition of the coat it may take several visits, 2 to 4wks apart, to get the coat back under control.  Once this has been accomplished you may be able to go 8 to 12wks between visits, usually with the changing of the seasons.  A high quality dog food may also help from the inside, out.