We take our responsibility of caring for your Pet to heart and treat each guest as if they were our own. All of our professionally trained staff members love animals and strive to consistently provide our guests with the highest quality of care possible. We look forward to lavishing your pet with personal TLC.

The resort owners live on-site, allowing for continuous monitoring and providing extra peace of mind!


At our facility, we do not charge extra for Play Times, Medication or Special Feeding.  For that reason, we don’t offer a multi pet discount.  Each individual pet will receive the same amount of personal attention and care for their total boarding experience.  We charge by the night no matter what time your pet is dropped off or picked up for boarding.  We believe Simple is Best!                     A Reservation Termination fee equal to 1 night of a scheduled stay will be assessed if a reservation is Cancelled with less than 24hrs notice or if you do not show up for your reserved stay!


The Dog boarding area is an indoor, climate-controlled area that can accommodate all breeds and ages. During their stay, every dog is taken outside for multiple playtimes and potty breaks. Our meticulously maintained play areas are designed so they can socialize with other visitors in a safe and healthy environment with plenty of space for exercise and fresh air.  Most of the time the dogs will entertain themselves and frolic with the other guest. But our staff love to get right in there and play fetch, rub bellies, or just let the dogs wallow all over them. We are here to offer the same love and care you give your pet at home. 

 Overnight Boarding Prices

(P/Dog – P/Night)

Small Dogs up to 25 lbs —- $31

Medium Dogs 26-45 lbs —- $33

Large Dogs 46-75lbs —- $35

Giant Dogs 76lbs & Up —- $37

                                                Intact Males over 1yr – $10 extra per night

  Daycare Prices:

                                                        (P/Dog- P/Day)

Small —- $21

Medium —-$23

Large —- $25

Giant —-$27

Intact Males over 1yr- $5 extra


Please Bring All Cats in a carrier where they will feel Secure.  We will remove them from their carrier when they have safely reached their awesome personal condo.  Our Cat Condo’s are very cleverly designed and can accommodate small or large families.  They are perfect for cats who have not boarded or have had a bad experience boarding in cages.  Every guest will be allowed playtime in our specially designed playroom.  Upon arrival we will evaluate the socialization level of your best friend and determine what will best suit their personal needs.

Overnight Boarding Prices

(P/Cat – P/Night)